Update: our latest paper "On Complexity and Optimization of Expensive Queries in Complex Event Processing" is accepted by SIGMOD 2014. (more...)

We are delighted to release the first version of SASE - SASE 1.0. (more...)

Today high-volume event streams naturally exist in a variety of environments including sensing devices, financial services, network monitors, etc. An increasing number of applications require that useful information be extracted from such event streams in a timely manner. Such translation from event streams to useful, actionable information is realized by a new processing paradigm called complex event processing.  CEP aims to provide a set of core functions:

  • Filtering removes unwanted events
  • Correlation detects complex patterns across different events.
  • Aggregation computes aggregate values.
  • Transformation generates new types of events.

To this end, we are designing and implementing a complex event processor, which we call SASE (Stream-based And Shared Event processing).  SASE provides:

  • A rich declarative event language
  • Formal semantics of the event language
  • Theorectical underpinnings of CEP
  • An efficient automata-based implementation

Funding Source


We gratefully acknowledge the funding provided by the following agency:

National Science Foundation

CAREER: Efficient, Robust RFID Stream Processing for Tracking and Monitoring. Yanlei Diao (PI). National Science Foundation IIS-0746939.




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